I'm an experienced / passionate / progressive Web architect excited by everything related to the human-computer interaction. My goal is to figure out the best cross-browser/platform user experience, optimizing performance and efficiency of use, and enhancing usability.

My place is the conjunction between aesthetics and functionalities reached throughout research, site planning, and focus on the user’s needs and behaviour, that together with a genuine obsession for clean, semantic and robust code have made me deliver consistent, accessible, intuitive and responsive websites and user interfaces for over 6 years.


I specialise in:

[ READ MORE] Logical and semantic structure of content, information and functionalities, reached carrying out prototype and wireframe testing, are the first step towards usability and the way to build the most effective website.
[ READ MORE] Following a user-centered design (UCD) process will create positive UX that are effective, efficient, and satisfying. User interfaces have to meet user requirements, be easy to use and consistent.
[ READ MORE] Reliable and consistent responsive layouts that look and act just as beautifully on your desktop as on your tablet and smartphone. This means accessibility and usability.
[ READ MORE] Standardized best practices and a semantic / valid / clean markup will result in a robust code holding up over time, enhancing User Experience and Performance.
[ READ MORE] Increasing the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user's web browser will ensure visitor retention and loyalty, and user satisfaction. A fast website is more accessible and usable.
/ Magento
[ READ MORE] A CMS allows content to be controlled easily by the people who own the content. WordPress runs around the 24% of all websites, and for good reason: it has a loyal user base and scores of dedicated developers bringing better features year round.

Why this is so important?

Because this is the invisible and complex underlying structure created while developing and coding a website, that is not just a tool for the owner but it’s creating an experience for the visitor, a way of conveying information effectively and should be built with SEO in mind.

Ensuring that the IA is structured correctly throughout User Research will make the navigation easy to learn, intuitive and consistent throughout the website, accommodating and supporting user behaviors in a way that users will experience as natural and satisfying. High-quality web development, clean code and methods such as Progressive enhancement allow everyone to access content and functionality of a website, using any browser or Internet connection. Responsive design allows the same using different devices. Optimizing Performance will result in a better User Experience, too.

User Experience means Usability and Usability emphasize SEO.

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